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Help K9 Mail! 

On the K9 mail website, the developer has updated about the issues that almost every open-source project faces! Maybe we can help the project by donating.
The developer has been very generous to keep the app free. Now it's upto us to return the favour!

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This is worth sharing.

It's an animated GIF where every frame is a valid QR code that leads to the "Never Gonna Give You Up" rickroll.

That's kind of amazing.

holy shit!!! My account is like 1.666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666667 years old!!

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I have poor English, there must be anybody instead of somebody or maybe I'm wrong. I hate my life😂

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Also, does somebody even use Netflix? Hail, torrent and Kodi and also Bugswriter(

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Watched Dune and Shutter Island the day before my exam. I like fucking with my future😂

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Intel's 4004, the world's first single-chip microprocessor:

4 bit
2300 transistors
108 kHz clock speed
50 years of age

Happy Birthday!

Progress (since May) 

Lied to my friends and made them join Lemmy as they were going to join proprietary platform. I said, "You guys will get to see R*ddit posts without Javascript on 'em."

@LemmyDev ,brace yourselves. I got more incoming.
BTW, they love it!!

The last time I was here, there was no way to watch embedded videos from Peertube.

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Back at Mastodon after 3 months. Thank you loyal followers. You made my day😭

I wanna join Codeberg but something is telling me that I should stick to completing my assignments first. You guys can give me tips on Codeberg. I am a beginner tho!

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The day has arrived. I can finally present you all my new project.
Inspired by NewPipe, Nitter, Invidious or Bibliogram, here comes Lingva, an alternative Front-end for Google Translate.

It's a completely Free and Open Source project, so you can host your own instance. The directions are on the project's README.
You can also make any kind of contribution. Feel free to Pull Request.

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Back when Windows 95 came out you could drag "The Internet" icon to the bin and it'd pop up a message that said "Are you sure you want to delete The Internet?" and we thought it was hilarious but in hindsight maybe one of us should have said "yes".

Fuuuuuuuuck man! I was using Google Chrome 2 years ago

My PC 

Made my desktop work again after almost 2 years! Ubuntu 14 was still running in it along with two Windows 7 and a Kali Linux (yeah multi-boot thing). Ubuntu showed me an error and wanted to send crash reports. Are you kiddin' me?

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