/ Brb. Gonna do updates later. 🤙🏻

If you’re one of English RP-ers, reply this toot! I’ll follow y’all.

@englishroleplayer Hi, a shootout please? The name is Choi Hyunsuk and I’m in mission to collect more peoples especially my members to fill in my dry timeline. Worry not, I’m welcoming everyone (and I also provide snack)! Please help me out of loneliness, pals! ✌🏻

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Mastodon does not store passwords in plain text. This is trivial to confirm as Mastodon is an open-source project. We use the bcrypt algorithm for one-way hashing of passwords. I can't believe someone is spreading misinformation about something so trivial to debunk.

Good day, my fellow English! The name is Choi hyunsuk and I’m just starting my new life here- thus I am in need of new friends to fill in my empty surroundings, especially TREASURE members. Hope this toot caught your attention! (Worry not, I provide you a snack)

I was looking for a photo to show to teumes so I made this pretty edits. Isn’t it cool? I was having fun to make this pretty edits. 📸

We took these pictures after we had our first concert. I still remember what it was like. Because of teumes, we were able to enjoy it. We want to do it more so it’s a pity. I really felt like I was going to burst into tears during the performance although we were only seeing teumes via virtual.

YG mates and TREASURE members, please come forth!

My fellow english speakers, please interact with this tweet!

Hello fellow English speaker! The name is Choi Hyunsuk and I’ve just started anew. I’m in need of talking buddies, so I hope you won’t mind helping me by dropping one query or two to start our conversation. Dw, everyone’s welcome!


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