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@bbbhltz Hello. Your blog post on one month into the fediverse was excellent.

The last book I read from was the marvelous "Accessibility For Everyone" by @laura

I'm hoping the fact this is a similar colour means it's as good.

Has to be most unnecessary piece of packaging ever... Why would a bag of chocolate have a resealable tab?

Silly CSS suggestion #1:

* {min-line-content: 2;}

Given to an element where 2 represents the minimum number of words a line can contain at the end of said element. So - you'd never have:


As a title. You would have


Which would make everyone happier.

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Shared links are now easier to work with. Agencies and freelancers will like this change.

Shared links can now be bookmarked. And if password protected, the password is now saved so your clients don't need to type it on each visit.

Does anyone have any decent monitor recommendations?

Sure, it's far from the first, and further from the best, but I'm pleased with my progress on a little Plausible plugin I'm creating to play with the new @plausible API

What's your most annoying regular typo? For me, today at least, it's javascropt.

"Can you repeat the question? I was doing something completely unrelated to the meeting" David Broad, on meetings in 2021.

0-2 probably isn't the start England wanted for the second innings.

Cheap feeds the addiction of wanting more than we need.

Gerry McGovern, World Wide Waste April, 2020

Just finished a week long holiday. Where did that go?! Back to work now...

I really should cook more often. I'm so bad at it.

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Small is Beautiful – live in 30 minutes (5PM UTC) with Paul Frazee talking about CTZN, the new distributed social network he’s building on the Hypercore Protocol.

(If you want to join the stream and ask a question or add your thoughts, have your webcam and headphones ready and we will give the studio link during the stream.)

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With the #nz #COVID19 app, when you sign up, it asks you for your phone number. It does not give you a checkbox or anything similar to say "Text only" - because if they're constantly ringing a deaf person they're gonna be confused. Remember #a11y #accessibility is super important...

so the plan from here? Don't bowl India out, make them think it's still day two, get them to bat all day tomorrow and hope it rains on day five. Standard English plan.

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