Yeah, I was so stressful with my last job, this change is all I need to refresh my batteries :D

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But the good news: I’ll start a new job next Monday :D Can’t wait to finally become a Design Ops officially, signed in papers.

So I noticed that I’m not using Mastodon as I intended to. Sorry for that, I’m trying my best, but these last days were busy and had no time for social media

Sunday. 11:59 pm (in Brazil) and what am I doing?

Watching Takashi's Castle on YouTube...

And, what I did today? Watched a 4 hours video about all the Destiny 2 Lore, of course…

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I was searching for a new game to consume my life, then I saw the announcement for the new Destiny 2 expansion. So I installed again…

I’m trying to understand the game, but I love the lore and the gameplay feels incredible. The only problem is that I feel kind of overwhelmed by the amount of stuff to do and never find the main quests…


Ok, it has been a month since I deleted my Facebook account and for the most of my time, I don’t feel that I miss anything.

But one thing that I never noticed before is how people use for basically everything. There’s some venues that only sell through Facebook and groups that doesn't know how to use any other social network.

We’ve become too dependant.

🇧🇷 Os pôsteres da União Soviética sobre os Estados Unidos continuam assustadoramente reais.

🇺🇸 Soviet posters about the Us are still disturbingly real.

Finally I removed all my cobwebs in Front-end Development and made a simple Curriculum-site.

For now, It's only avaliable in Portuguese, but I'm working on a language switch (and probably a dark theme too)

What do you call a typo in the code? 

Programmar error

So I finally took the courage to start seeking a new job.

It's not that I hate the company I'm working on, but I feel that I can be more useful somewhere else, where they really have the need for a DesignOps.

It's frustrating not performing what you wanna do... Especially when the company don't have maturity to use methodologies and standardization.

Today, I had a meeting with some Brazilian DesignOps. We chat for 2 hours straight about methodologies, Design System and Design Tokens.

Awesome guys, had a great time sharing our experiences.

Since my car broke yesterday, I'm now isolated from home, in my parent's house until my car is fixed.

Great, can somehow my weekend get any worse?

And now, a bee stung my hand... Best. Day. Ever. 🙃

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Beautiful day to have a broken car in the middle of nowhere...

We always had a lot of work and re-work because the priorities shifts in the middle of the sprint. And when we say thay we don't have time, they say: "Can't you do it in your weekend?"

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Tired of working in big companies which they don't have any respect for methodologies and for the personal life of their employees :/

Started using Mastodon via Franz in the company's Mac. I use it a Franz recipe that I found in Github and everything's working great now...

Just need a small tweak in the package.json to work with every instance possible

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