I'm entering in the world of premium coffees :D I always wanted a V60 and now I finally bought one.

Now, I'm going to make some coffee ☕

Yes, it's been decades since my last post here. Sorry about that...

For me, this is one of the worst problems in open source in general: lack of UI is not synonym of a good free libre software.

We need to attract more designers and UX to FOSS communities, because clean and meaningful interfaces cannot be only for big corporations. We can have awesome interfaces too without a big corp dictating anything

This is my first mechanical keyboard (Keychron K2). I’ve been waiting this for a long time.

It’s obvious that English is not my primary language, I’ve been taking classes for a long time. But sometimes I have an impostor syndrome, especially when I need to talk to a lot of people.

Yesterday I was so nervous to talk in a Slack group because of that… That’s why I’m trying to improve using Mastodon. And of course, with more classes.

My cat woke me today earlier than usual. She started meowing at my face and, when I ignore it, it jumped at my stomach.

And for what? Because it wanted a new, fresher dry food.

All the Figma it's been amazing, loving the new FigJam and all of the talks.

Today at Figma I attended to a Bitcoin Design presentation and I'm astounding :D Their work is amazing and now I really want to collaborate


Another Apple conference and… meh.
I really don’t have interest for another Apple product. Probably when I sell my Mac (Air 2015), I’ll buy some PC machine with Windows/Linux.

The prices for Apple are just unbearable.

Yesterday, I DM’ed an RPG session and, my god, how I missed those moments.

RPG is one of my favorite hobbies ever <3

My new desk finally arrived :D It has been months since I wished for an L-shaped desk and now it’s real.

Wednesday, April 14th, 2021.

Today I teach @ghedin about what is a V-Tuber.

I regret nothing.

purposes of cat:
-warm up toes
-yell at ghost (note: this does not frighten or expel ghost)

So .... I believe I might be addicted to buy bitcoins ....

I just discovered that DuckDuckGo has a CSS prettifier and minifier

death of a pet 

Saturday, I lost my partner, my friend, my pet ... Bazuca, my hamster died with just only four months old.

I already miss you, my friend ... You'll always be with me <3 rest in peace

Today, I dreamed that I had a Golden Retriever called Rosemary.

Is that a sign?

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