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Since my car broke yesterday, I'm now isolated from home, in my parent's house until my car is fixed.

Great, can somehow my weekend get any worse?

And now, a bee stung my hand... Best. Day. Ever. 🙃

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Beautiful day to have a broken car in the middle of nowhere...

We always had a lot of work and re-work because the priorities shifts in the middle of the sprint. And when we say thay we don't have time, they say: "Can't you do it in your weekend?"

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Tired of working in big companies which they don't have any respect for methodologies and for the personal life of their employees :/

Started using Mastodon via Franz in the company's Mac. I use it a Franz recipe that I found in Github and everything's working great now...

Just need a small tweak in the package.json to work with every instance possible

I have some problems with the Agile Methodology.

I agree with the Manifesto, Agile can bring a lot of improvements in a company but... why there's so many meetings!? Half my day is just refinements and plannings about the same subject over and over...

Deleted my Facebook account. Took me some months to decide that, but seeing Zuckerberg became some kind of super villain, made me realize that I don't need to be there anymore.

Still using WhatsApp (my work made it impossible to stop using it), but at least it's less control from them...

Btw, today I discovered that a local TV channel started showing some really old tokusatsus, like Jiraiya and Jaspion.

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Design aside, I'm recently watching Kamen Rider. It's a Japanese tokusatsu (like a live action anime) and it's amazing. Didn't imagine that I would enjoy so much.

Already finished Build, Gaim, Decade and I'm watching Zero-One, the current Rider. Already hyped for the next Kamen Rider.

Starting a new book: "Gaia - A recommendation guide about inclusive digital design for autistic people", from a Brazilian UX Designer.

I'm starting to study more about inclusive design and accessibility and many people says that this book is obligatory for this subject.

So I started using a Mastodon client for Mac: Mastonaut.

I prefer use desktop apps instead of web versions, been using Tweetbot for years and I like their interface. Let’s see if this improve my Mastodon usage.

When I tried to show some changes to star finally using our Design System, they complain, saying that they need some consistency.

So I sold to them the need to create a document, explaining all the UI behaviors and all the fluxes. And yes, we didn't had one of these in years.

It's going to be a looooooong work...

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One problem that Ive been noticing is about Junior Designers and consistency.

The app that I'm working now been though 3 designers in the last 2 years - all Juniors - and every one of them wants to change everything just for the "I think it's beautiful", now knowing anything about mobile development

One problem that I have: I dislike squad rituals and all the a mount of meeting the Agile framework creates.

Today, I'm having a Review, Planning and a Retrospective. 4 hours total of listening to the Project Owner talking about their desires for the product.

Had a meeting for about an hour to discuss checkbox states in HTML and all its hybrid states, etc.

This is something that I like it... Makes component creation much easier and builds trust in our Design System.

About my career: nowadays I'm working in financial market and fintechs, managing a Design System for a big point-of-sales company in Brazil.

I like it, but it can be frustrating how companies always looks back about Open Source, thinking that is a "money loss" initiative. This is something that I'm trying to change, little steps, but I hope that in the future we can see big financial companies using open source payment solutions.

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Hi folks,

I'm Ilton, a Brazilian UX/UI Designer, focused in Design System and DesignOps.

I always found it fascinating all the F/OSS community and now I'm trying to engage and work with projects that can make a real difference with the people, using Design and Open Source initiatives.

Don't know how else I can describe me now hahaha.

Resolvi testar um cliente pra Android, o Tusky. Limitar apenas em web acabaria que eu não ia usar muito, então acho que vale a pena.

Eu não sei muito bem como seguir com isso...


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