a transhumanist story set within minecraft could, potentially, be an incredible work of literature

a transhumanist metafictional minecraft story would have me like :floshd:

motherhorseeyes does this thing where it switches narrator so often, it becomes a puzzle to figure out who they are and what world they live in. could do something like that

@ilyess I do not but I'm fairly certain it's slow. I do tend to read aloud in my head and get distracted a lot


@SuricrasiaOnline thanks for the prompt reply. I hope I’m not contributing to that distraction lol

Speed reading is tough. When I try to go fast I end up just gobbling words down without fully grasping the meaning of what I’m reading.

@ilyess I have ADHD with hyperfocus and this is the only mode in which I'm able to consume books

@SuricrasiaOnline we’re all different in some way. You do what works for you. Good luck :)

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