I just discovered which is a free and open source internet connection speed test service. Sorry, nothing personal but if it's I just can't resist it. Bye!

@ilyess What speed are you testing when the server is in an other country?

@Hiker You're testing the down and up speeds of your connection to the server you select. The service should pick the closest server to you but they have others available if you want to go with a different one.

@Freeplay Lol give it another shot. I'll take a guess and say that your up speed is probably around 10 Mbps 🤔


Every one of my uploads on within my country (US) shows as zero. If I go to another country it is the same as and weird.

@Mundon @Freeplay I just tried with US servers: Atlanta, LA, NY, and Vegas and they all worked fine for me. My down speed on Vegas' server was lower but no difference in the up speed... Weird indeed.

@ilyess Thanks for the tip. I usually use but this looks good too.

I'm curious why "no websocket" is a selling point.

@pbx You’re welcome :)

Hum.. that’s a good observation. I’m not sure why websockets would be a concern 🤔

@ilyess I need to upgrade the backends I'm running for LibreSpeed. They're a little trash and seldom give accurate results :blobcatgooglytrash:

all the backends are provided by 3rd party companies, and possibly closed source.

@federico3 I don't see how they can be closed source, they're running software which is clearly open source. Or am I getting your point wrong?

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