@wex You’re welcome. Not a feature-packed release by any means but it comes with security patches and bug fixes :)

@ilyess Yep! Even the upcoming major iOS and macOS versions will be kind of an "under the hood" update, as I've seen...I like that they aren't trying to implement BS that no one would use just to be able to say they've added more new stuff...iOS is mostly a portal to our apps anyway 🙂

@wex I couldn’t have said it better. I find myself more excited about new features to ’s stock apps than system/config changes.

@ilyess Welcome back! I haven’t seen you post for a while. Hope you’re well

@jiewawa Oh how nice of you! 🙇 I appreciate it. I’m doing great and hope the same goes for you. I was just busy these last few weeks. Thank you :)

@ilyess I’ve been pretty busy the last few weeks too, but I’ve got nothing to complain about really!

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