@ilyess it’s important to publicly broadcast how private you are

@kvvpa That’s gonna be tough to do with these t-shirts since the logo is barely visible. Maybe if they had a model with the standard blue logo 🤔

@ilyess 🤣I didn’t click the link, maybe they are trying to be covert after all

@kvvpa @ilyess it's a support form. Donation, as you wish. Or would it be better to bring telemetry and trackers to Signal?

@kvvpa @gmate8 I get that it’s a way to support the team. It’s just that they already have a donation channel in place at signal.org/donate/

Not sure why they felt the need to rollout Merch. Maybe it’s a brand enforcement strategy to boost adoption.

@ilyess @kvvpa I guess because in this case, you get something touch-able back for your money, and still, you can support them.

@gmate8 @kvvpa True. Maybe some people prefer this form of support over donations.

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