Do you use an alternate account?

Boosts appreciated for sample size.

Thanks to everyone who participated, and especially to those who also boosted this poll. Truly appreciated!

@ilyess I have a legacy Mastodon account. I'm not currently actively using Mastodon.

@me Oh you’re not? you’re probably more active on Mastodon than I’ve been recently 😅

What’s your main microblogging/social media platform rn?

@ilyess Friendica. I actually did a review on it a short while ago.

LVL004: Friendica - A Review

This is my review of the Friendica social network, and a follow-up to a previous video I did about the Fediverse. Friendica is my new favourite way to interact with social media, and in this video, I explain why.

As always, my current social media contacts are always on my web site.

For more information about Friendica, see their website.

For more information on the Fediverse in general, this site gives a nice overview.

@me I didn't know you had a Peertube channel! Very nice introductory video to Friendica. Please continue making videos like this and spreading awareness.

I checked out a while back when I first learned about the Fediverse but I never actually used it. Mastodon seemed enough for my needs. However, I do admit that contact groups, granular post visibility controls, and wide communication protocol compatibility are nice features you don't see together in other platforms.

@ilyess I have another fosstodon account. But I just check the feed on that account once in a while. I’ve stopped tooting from it tho

@Suzie97 What did you intend to use that account for when you first created it? Was it just a kind of fosstodon timeline?

@ilyess That was my first Mastodon account. I created my account there but then the topics of my toots expanded beyond FOSS so I created an account on

@Suzie97 You could also have moved the account from fosstodon to :)

Toots creeping "out of topic" is one of the reasons I created this poll. I want to know how people generally address this on Mastodon, if it's a concern at all.

@Suzie97 @ilyess

I see people tooting all types of political/social/other issues not related to FOSS on Fosstodon.

@kentoseth @Suzie97 That's true. I wonder to what degree that's acceptable though. If someone adds my account to a list catered to for example, I wouldn't wanna pollute their feed with "off-topic" toots. Am I overthinking this?

@ilyess @kentoseth I think you're overthinking. When people add you or anyone to a list, they should adjust to your toots rather than you adjusting to them.

@ilyess @kentoseth @Suzie97 I don't worry about going off-topic since my accont doesn't have a topic, but I do make very liberal use of content warnings.

@ilyess I run two accounts, but I think I'm a no on this because one of them is an organisation's account that theoretically might end up being used by someone else sometime.

@JubalBarca Yeah, I agree that sounds more like a "No". Thanks for voting!

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