Do you use an alternate account?

Boosts appreciated for sample size.

@ilyess I have another fosstodon account. But I just check the feed on that account once in a while. I’ve stopped tooting from it tho

@Suzie97 What did you intend to use that account for when you first created it? Was it just a kind of fosstodon timeline?

@ilyess That was my first Mastodon account. I created my account there but then the topics of my toots expanded beyond FOSS so I created an account on

@Suzie97 @ilyess

I see people tooting all types of political/social/other issues not related to FOSS on Fosstodon.


@kentoseth @Suzie97 That's true. I wonder to what degree that's acceptable though. If someone adds my account to a list catered to for example, I wouldn't wanna pollute their feed with "off-topic" toots. Am I overthinking this?

@ilyess @kentoseth I think you're overthinking. When people add you or anyone to a list, they should adjust to your toots rather than you adjusting to them.

@ilyess @kentoseth @Suzie97 I don't worry about going off-topic since my accont doesn't have a topic, but I do make very liberal use of content warnings.
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