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I don't trust stairs. They are always up to something.

perseverating on old grudges, global conflicts, imaginary conflicts, inventions, justice is my curse.

What if you could concentrate all your pain into a single focal object?

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My papa had this book with all the local fishing spots. I keep it in my toolkit to remind me.

I've been retired for 5 years and Linkedjn is still trying to be me a job.


Sometimes it's easy to get lost in outrage, but remember that you are sitting in a room....warm, loved, and pleasantly obese.

Take a moment and take stock that the world still spins, water is still wet, and we all just want to be loved. As it always has been.

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yes i regularly post the :nofrance: emoji, yes i think france in general and macron in particular should be partitioned and sold at auction to pay their debts to their former colonies, yes i turn into a little puddle when my gf calls me "ma chérie,"

I've never deployed . The idea of it seems good, then the firewall config seems like a nightmare tangle of rules.

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Men will do literally anything to avoid getting therapy

(except this man, who's back in therapy)

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AI art, photorealistic dragon eggs 

The prompt for the lighter ones was the same but with 'coal and lava' replaced with 'water and plasma'.

#AIArt made in MidJourney

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#OtD 1 Jul 1943 gay Dutch anti-Nazi resistance fighter Willem Arondeus was executed after attacking the Amsterdam ID registry. Before his death Willem asked a friend to testify after the war that "homosexuals are not cowards"

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“[A]s recently as June 23, Google was sharing potentially sensitive user data with a sanctioned Russian ad tech company owned by Russia’s largest state bank, according to a new report provided to ProPublica.”

#google #russia #ukraine #surveillanceCapitalism #peopleFarming

I'm going to try to make it a whole week without negativity. Wish me luck

didn't have to be this bad. I'm terrified of getting sick as I have an autoimmune disease. I worry about people being sick around me all the time.

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The shuffle option on Apple Music is shockingly shit. I have thousands of songs in my library, yet the same ones keep popping up over and over.

I’m seriously considering going back to Spotify because of it…

Ars Technica: Couple bought home in Seattle, then learned Comcast Internet would cost $27,000.

is always up to some kind of fuckery.

KUOW News and Information: Councilmember wants King County to come up with a plan to clean homeless encampments.

I'm anxious to see how this shakes out.

CNN: 4 people have been charged in the Texas semitruck smuggling operation that left 53 migrants dead.

We need systemic change at the border. It's like 100 years of failure.

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