I spend all day helping someone move their stuff out of a bedbug-INFESTED household, 4 hours away, get paid with a Dell R720, get home at 2:30 AM, and I just want to crawl into bed and cease existing until all my muscles are done being sore.

And my NAS's LCD screen is on... GREAT, my NAS kpanicked while I was away. Within a BTRFS op.

This is why I need that R720, to swap that in as hypervisor, and put #truenas on the (now unused) R710.

Hope my data's safe, at least md manages RAID,


@tek_dmn nightmare fuel! Remember to set your perc controller to JBOD.

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@imnotafeline doesn't support it, as far as I've seen. I'd have to make each disk it's own RAID-0

Heck with that entirely. LSI9207, I/T mode.
Arrives tomorrow, actually

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