Additionally microblogging either amplifies trivial matters or minimizes non-trivial matters.

A proper article gives justice to all topics.

Mastodon then becomes just a federated discussion / comments platform, and should be less about creating content on.

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Well I think using Mastodon is a failure for me.

I used it for 2 months as a way to share some interesting things or thoughts, and discover the same from others.

It appears though things which are interesting are not frequent, and when they are, deserve more than 500 characters associated with them.

In the end, Mastodon truly is microblogging, but the utility of microblogging seems very niche, and not for me.

Back to the drawing board.

Hello Mastodonians, it's been a couple months. I've felt no need to be social sur l'Internet.

A big thing I've been working on is learning formal verification. There is too much to say about it in one 500 character toot.

I've begun entering the world of Canadian law as well, a very interesting place.

In other news: proof-of-work and steganography are powerful when combined.

Formal verification needs to become popularized.

I want to see a future where I can truly compose and pull in functions and data structures from a global repository which is automatically verified by software.

It may not be this century, but in a few hundred years, I bet my money on a standardized formal verification programming language which everyone will use to discuss Mathematics, Physics, Biology, Software, Hardware, and many other fields.

Today it clicked how formal proofs really work: simplification, rewriting and axioms.

Anyone use Coq? Anyone use Coq to derive code? Anyone use Coq to derive ReactJS components? 😛

Am I about to travel a path into hell?

I decided to look up if "chillhop" was trademarked out of curiosity. A quick search on the US trademark database and yep, "chillhop music" is trademarked. I guess technically you can't categorize your music as "chillhop music" without permission? Insane.

The roboscammers have been at it hard these past few days. Literally had 5 of them call. Trying to scare people from accepting social aid.

I would have never thought, 20 years ago, while playing Link's Awakening, that I would be able to see how this game was made. The time we live in is amazing.

Why do you think colouring books are therapeutic to individuals?

Please boost - looking for ~500 responses. This was a 3 hour debate on Friday night which we now want to see who is right!

Plan of attack to measure oscillation of a washing machine:

1. Tape a pencil to the side edge of the machine pointing up.
2. Slide a piece of paper during the busy part of the cycle, taking about 10 seconds to go across the full paper.
3. Repeat until you have a good idea what the frequency and amplitude is.
4. Take this information and run it through the TLCD formula to figure out the optimal length of the tube and orifice size.

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Some PVC, a valve, a mounting mechanism, a microphone and microcontroller, I think you could easily build one yourself, for around $100.

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Staring at my laundry machine, I wondered: how can I dampen all this shaking? Then I remembered "those things which keep buildings from swaying": tuned mass damper.

Then I wondered, is there some liquid form of this, that sways? And so there is: tuned liquid dampers.

*Then* I wondered, surely there is a product which takes this concept as an ad-hoc solution? And to my surprise: there isn't!

Definitely a product which could be made and sold to the masses with top load.

I was curious about the etymology of textual communication.

Telegram seems to be the original word for it all: "far" "written characters".

Essentially we've been using telegraph-based communication then for over a hundred years.

Twitter, Mastodon, forums, etc are essentially "email", mimicking the asynchronicity of mail.

IRC, FB messenger, etc, are essentially telegraph systems, mimicking the synchronicity of real-time communication.

This has seem to evolved to posts and messages. Thoughts?

The one fire safety law that matters for renters: S-3.4 s.6

If the building is hazardous in the event of a fire, the lessor must correct the issue. Like blocking the only way out the back.

If you knew your life could end at any moment, what would you do? 🙂

The passing of my pet has really made me re-evaluate a lot of things. In fact this entire year.

I feel like I've done a 180.

I talk about my problems.

I now deal with my problems.

I'm starting to not care about anything except happiness. Car gets f'd up → oh well, just take transit, fix it, or buy another.

How often are there really no solutions to a problem? Very rarely I'm seeing.

On one hand, I want to have more conversations around the topics and people I can relate to.

On the other hand, I never want to trap myself in an echo chamber.

Deciding whether to move instances is not an easy choice...

Just food for thought: what technologies that come to mind which are inaccessible? Either because of language barriers, skill barriers, class barriers, etc?

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