Decided to opt for the Evolution email client. Holy...what have I been missing!

The switch is complete. Now using Migadu "mini" plan with K9 Mail on mobile and probably neomutt or aerc on desktop.

What if you could unify your email with Mastodon, Pleroma, or any other ActivityPub client?

Would you do it? Why not?

Someone said "is that still a thing?" when I announced I was on Mastodon. Is it?
Boost this so we actually get a few votes maybe? How far can it go?

A comparison of ActivityPub message creation format to e-mail and Matrix.

Makes me think ActivityPub is suitable for real-time communication...

I've created a project here to start this journey:

It should not be too difficult to achieve. The biggest hurdle is deciding on tech which is efficient, cross-platform and will avoid bitrot.

Last night I continued to study the ActivityPub specification, and there's a few things left to figure out I think.

* How would you resolve the issue of making an existing instance use a domain you own?
* How can we create a federated instance list service?
* How can we implement a cross-instance, configurable user trust system? (So instances can decide on how they trust users)

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So, where are all the ActivityPub clients at?

I'm talking about an agnostic client, which does its best effort to display all ActivityPub content. I've not been able to find one. This is definitely an application which I'd even pay for.

Makefile + sh = the only process calculus you'll ever need.

TIL webpack multi-compiler functionality. The fun never stops!

POSIX shell is so powerful. The more I use it, the more I wonder, why is it so hated?

People would normally say the syntax is terrible, but once you understand the mental model behind it, the whole thing makes a lot of sense to me.

@Gargron is there a technical reason why other instances can't be searched while not signed up there? DDOS protection, user protection, or just an oversight?

I find these pen plots really force your mind to fill in the spaces. This one in-particular I find pretty mesmerizing. Very cool.

I'm taking @sir 's advice and switching from Protonmail to Migadu.

I was a paying customer of Protonmail but they've dropped the ball in many places. SMTP/IMAP support was the first (and the bridge was only for paying customers until recently!), no scheduled messages the second, and realizing the broken security model (even before Drew's post) the third, and I'm sure others could list other reasons.

While I don't think Protonmail is spying on emails, their system is broken.

@Gargron how do you handle storing media content uploaded to Mastodon? It must be crazy expensive?

I did it! The intensity of the red channel increases based on the loudest frequency. This means if a bass part is more prominent, it'll be more visible from the sphere.

Next phase is to split frequencies into 3 "parts" and map them to RGB, to get some cool color mixing!

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