I'm taking @sir 's advice and switching from Protonmail to Migadu.

I was a paying customer of Protonmail but they've dropped the ball in many places. SMTP/IMAP support was the first (and the bridge was only for paying customers until recently!), no scheduled messages the second, and realizing the broken security model (even before Drew's post) the third, and I'm sure others could list other reasons.

While I don't think Protonmail is spying on emails, their system is broken.

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@indirection @sir curious to know which mobile app you can get working with migadu, I tried spark mail yesterday and no dice

I use K-9 with migadu, and it just works. What does not work is the "unified inbox", but not sure if migadu specific.
@ant @indirection

@esparta Huh, weird, the "unified inbox" seems to work fine for me on my device. Are your running either the F-Droid version? If not, are you opted into the beta via the Google Play Store?

I'm currently using version 5.703 from F-Droid, with no luck. All the versions I've tried (since 7 months ago) shows no emails on unified inbox but works ok on their own accounts - same domain.

@esparta That's so weird! Have you tried getting in touch with the developers? I'm sure they'd appreciate a bug report.

@ant @sir I assume any application which can support SMTP or IMAP.

@indirection @sir I thought so too but couldn't get it connected with either the default ports or the alt (465/587). Got some good options in the comments here :110:

@teecee , not sure what else to say. IMO those 3 reasons are huge.

Now let me ask you: why do you use Protonmail? 🙂

@teecee I used it because I believed the underlying tech was superior in some way. They use techniques such that your password is never known by them, all email is encrypted, etc, but the issue is that their server could be recording emails and you don't even know it.

@indirection @sir Only for paid customers UNTIL RECENTLY? So now it is available for free plan??

@madargon , yes. The bridge needs to be running on your device too.

@sir @madargon I think maybe I'm misremembering this for when they open sourced the bridge. So yeah, you don't have access to the bridge 🙂 ...

@indirection @sir Ok. Thanks for correction. I am planning to test Ctemplar mail (my second account, rather testing currently) with client. And I want to "accept" this GPG keys I was given with my Protonmail and Ctemplar account by signing them with my key (sometimes I am not sure if I can trus this keys).

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