Additionally microblogging either amplifies trivial matters or minimizes non-trivial matters.

A proper article gives justice to all topics.

Mastodon then becomes just a federated discussion / comments platform, and should be less about creating content on.

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Well I think using Mastodon is a failure for me.

I used it for 2 months as a way to share some interesting things or thoughts, and discover the same from others.

It appears though things which are interesting are not frequent, and when they are, deserve more than 500 characters associated with them.

In the end, Mastodon truly is microblogging, but the utility of microblogging seems very niche, and not for me.

Back to the drawing board.

@humberto sshfs is a *nix tool πŸ™‚ I mentioned it for when you're not using Plan 9.

You may want to check out 9front as well. It's much more developed.

@galaxis This is why I keep .txt as my go-to format.

1 line = 1 data entry.

Your notes.txt should be very short lived notes. Anything long-lived should be put into a personal wiki. I use a simple solution of git and adoc.

You should have a bookmarks.txt, 1 line = 1 bookmark.

Backup the txts once a day. That's all you'll ever need.

@phooky It's interesting what you can tell by a key.

I can tell from this picture that the locks these go into had mirrored pins so that the key can go in any way (preventing the key from being jammed and a tooth breaking off).

It also looks like a 4 pin cylinder they go into. Very easy to pick.

Hello Mastodonians, it's been a couple months. I've felt no need to be social sur l'Internet.

A big thing I've been working on is learning formal verification. There is too much to say about it in one 500 character toot.

I've begun entering the world of Canadian law as well, a very interesting place.

In other news: proof-of-work and steganography are powerful when combined.

@brion I don't know how, but QBasic was my first language in ~2005. For some reason it was still "alive and well"... Let's just say as a first language it gave tons of inspiration, but forced me to unlearn a lot πŸ™‚

Computer science math shitpost 

@brion what happens when memory isn't linear but arranged physically as a 3d cube (which IIRC we come coming to)?

Yes I know it's a shitpost :^)

@fakefred because humans have emotions and evolutionary features which cause certain irrational actions 😎

Formal verification needs to become popularized.

I want to see a future where I can truly compose and pull in functions and data structures from a global repository which is automatically verified by software.

It may not be this century, but in a few hundred years, I bet my money on a standardized formal verification programming language which everyone will use to discuss Mathematics, Physics, Biology, Software, Hardware, and many other fields.

Today it clicked how formal proofs really work: simplification, rewriting and axioms.

@gudenau @brion Yeah yeah, exactly. I was just explaining you need a middleman / "public connection" 24/7. A VPS or a paid service would be good for this (paid so there's incentive to protect users for their money).

@gudenau @brion I think technologically it's all polling anyway because of its HTTP nature.

I don't think it'd be possible to have push notifications (not in the mobile notification sense, but in the mastodon sense) without everyone having a bidirectional connection (like IRC) or running web servers/mastodon servers of their own...?

@thegibson I used to. Now I just use my desktop for in-house services and everything else VPS.

@luckierdodge and then you have others saying "package managers are always causing issues"...

Anyone use Coq? Anyone use Coq to derive code? Anyone use Coq to derive ReactJS components? πŸ˜›

Am I about to travel a path into hell?


@bamfic ``` relies on implementation to include support for vt220 output πŸ™‚

Sorry not trying to kill the rant but it's a valid argument. While I agree text is better in most cases, screenshots of output are valid in others.

@jordan31 @chaitanya yes, nginx and apache both support what's called "virtual hosts" and is very easy to do. πŸ™‚

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