Earth to everyone who got stumbled upon this toot of mine! I hope it appears on your local timeline. Hey, it's Renjun and I'm on a mission to collect friends and my groupmates. Bid me a hi or be loud on my toot, perhaps? Then I'll reach you up! I speak both ENG and BHS.

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@injun oh wait what's the difference between home and local timeline, gege?

@jungwon home is for your mutuals only. But you can see all mastodon(.)online users if you click local button.

@injun Hello! 'm new her and im also both mastering on english and bahasa. Should we shoot eachother a follow?

@yxenachoi hello, Yena noona! Welcome to this elephant app hahah. Hope you enjoy your stay here. Sure! Let's be friends.

@yxenachoi nothing much. Woke up, having my breakfast, and teasing my members. How about yours, noona?

@injun busy! im currently promoting my newrelease japanese album with BEWARE as its title track, have you heard of it?

@yxenachoi ohh I’ve listened to BEWARE and watched the MV as well, noona. That’s such a cute concept you have there. Not gonna lie, it’s a super bop.

@qeankun thank you, gege! I miss your babies anyway. Wanna visit WayV dorm!!

@injun Aye, just come. You knew you are always welcomed here!

@qeankun wohoo! Will visit your dorm soon. Please prepare some yummy foods. ✊🏻

@junkyuu a-yo, my zero-zero mate! Please shoot me a follow so we (hopefully) can be closer.

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