My friends have deleted their accs sjsjsj.

@Parkchanyeol yeah.. And they’re still not sure about that but it’s fine. Let’s just enjoy this app together, hyung!

@injun i doubted the thread because there was no evidence and only s/he was the one who said xD leggo renjun, nice to meet you

@injun nae bff 🌟 are your friends deleting their acc because of that rumour?

@yizhuoning yep. In fact, every platform on the internet isn’t that safe. Even Twitter itself. Sometimes I find people complaining about their account being hacked.

@injun ahh- i see. you are right, and we must be careful wherever we are. i think internet is the most unsafe place for us

@yizhuoning exactly. It depends on how we use it and always be aware.

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