@maark@mstdn.social Mark hyung! Have you improved your ability to cook eggs?

@tiheon Hi, Jiheon! Pleased to meet you. How’s life treating you so far?

@jaemin Nana! Finally meeting you here. Would you give me a cup of jasmine tea? 🤖

@skzhyunjin Hello, linermate! I’m not really good at starting a conversation but tell me your TMI maybe?

@Jenniez thank you, noona! It’s really nice to finally meet you.

@sryujin feeling kinda weird here but let’s have a good time here, Ryujin.

@jihaan@mstdn.social a follow is coming right towards you, Jihan! Glad to have you around.

@Sann I can relate. Especially when we have some free time, I find myself immovable from my bed in our dorm. Well, currently preparing for my upcoming album with the members. It’s the second part of Resonance! Anyway, may I get your follow back, hyung?

@chioyena hahah what a cute greeting I got here. An adorable greeting from an adorable lady? Lmao. I want to break the ice between us by tossing you a question. I promise it’s a simple one, noona! Just wanna know how you spent your Wednesday. Any stories?

@itzyuna hahahah literally my sleep schedule gets super messed up and I have no idea how to fix it. Do mayhaps you have any tips?

@joehnny it’s good to see you here, hyung! Anyway, will you give me a follow back?

@yizhuoning exactly. It depends on how we use it and always be aware.

@yxenachoi ohh I’ve listened to BEWARE and watched the MV as well, noona. That’s such a cute concept you have there. Not gonna lie, it’s a super bop.

@sanya takutnya aja gitu, noona. Saya nggak maksud. 😔 Saya bahagia selalu kok! Tebak siapa yang bahagiain?

@Parkchanyeol yeah.. And they’re still not sure about that but it’s fine. Let’s just enjoy this app together, hyung!

@INTLPals Good evening, earthlings! The name is Renjun, NCT’s pure boy. I’m currently seeking for companions, friendships, and my members. I have nothing much to offer other than random conversations. If this piqued your interest, leave a hi or anything. I’ll reach you up!

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