let’s vamp the svamp… can you recognize any of these lil bbs?

@iraantlers i could only name a few to be honest 😓 but i love mushrooms! have always wanted to grow some lion's mane because it is yummy

which mushroom would you be?
i would be the pleurotus djamor, just because it is such a brilliant pink color (is that it in the bottom right hand corner?)

have you seen an indigo milk cap mushroom before?

@soupystars oh we love tromping through the woods come fall, looking for mushroom friends. or in spring for morels in rings under ash trees. the pink oyster mushroom (pleurotus djamor) has such a lovely hue and form. i’ve never found one of these or any indigo milk caps, but i’ve found other milk caps and blue wood blewits (lepista nuda). good to know you’re also a mushroom fan!

@soupystars blue wood blewits (lepista nuda) — which smell a bit like frozen orange juice concentrate

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