Selfie thread: last where you feel cute. Go! πŸ“· πŸ’—

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@itchystitchies a highlight of the pandemic for me was getting comfy with my bare face and unstyled hair. Feelin' it here!

@kurious lookin cute! I feel ya though. I think im ready to up my selfie game as a homebody now. Its hard though!

@itchystitchies go for it! I'll be your hypegal! I'm both tempted and terrified to post lewds 😬

@kurious i know, im tempted but I dont know how this platform works well enough to commit yet. Too scawy.

@itchystitchies exactly. I'm digging it so far though... Feeling optimistic!

@kurious same! I like that censorship isn't a thing here, but I havent seen or heard anything about how fash are handled yet. (Tbf I haven't looked that hard)

@itchystitchies me either. Trying to keep a very distracted eye on the FAQ posts for info like this lol. But there is so much to take in!

CW: eye contact 

@itchystitchies @kurious thanks for starting a selfie thread! The pandemic hasn't given me enough opportunities to dress up, but here's a recent one that felt good :_stars: (also testing the sensitive media & caption features)

@itchystitchies haha it's a "men's" athletic mesh top I found at Walmart. I don't love it on its own but it pairs well with other things!

@itchystitchies two bcus I really like them both πŸ˜‹ one from last week the other from like a month ago :)

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