So local is within my own instance and federated is from... all of them? How do I change instances? Google doesn't seem to be helping.

@itchystitchies From what I've seen, there's a way to migrate your account by Exporting/Backing Up your current account and followers lists, and then importing it to a new account. I looked for "migrating mastodon instance" for that. Not exactly sure if your followers automatically follow you on the new account, but maybe you can import to a new account without deleting the old one yet? @mastodonFAQ

@yojylime @mastodonFAQ I saw on the mastodon site that you can "change communities without losing followers" but they didn't expand beyond that, as far as I could tell

@itchystitchies @mastodonFAQ yea same, i saw that too.. maybe the export/import feature works for that though, not sure...

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