@wigglytuffitout oh, yes, absolutely. I was gonna draw up some special punny wrapping paper too. I guess it depends on when my mail arrives.

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@wigglytuffitout i got my friend a bidet but im not sure if I want to give it to him as a holiday gift or wait and give it to him as a b-day (ha!) gift. Is 2 months too long to wait for a good pun?

K im not even gonna entertain covid-deniers or other creeps by interacting with them. Sorry for that little blip. Im happy to engage with people that legitimately just dont know any better on any given topic, because how else are we gonna learn? But like. Nah. I deserve peace on my dash.


@ChristianAnarchist thats literally not even true. The numbers in my province have gone down 30% after a week of mask and social distancing mandates.

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@yojylime @mastodonFAQ I saw on the mastodon site that you can "change communities without losing followers" but they didn't expand beyond that, as far as I could tell

So local is within my own instance and federated is from... all of them? How do I change instances? Google doesn't seem to be helping.

@1ll173r47 because they have to make the obligatory scene in which the character needs their phone that has run out of battery make sense somehow

@kurious same! I like that censorship isn't a thing here, but I havent seen or heard anything about how fash are handled yet. (Tbf I haven't looked that hard)

@kurious i know, im tempted but I dont know how this platform works well enough to commit yet. Too scawy.

@dbdbdb thats fair. Molds really are neat tho. I like slime molds the best I think, or the ones that look kinda like webs

@kurious lookin cute! I feel ya though. I think im ready to up my selfie game as a homebody now. Its hard though!

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