I just submitted my feature film screenplay IT’S FULL OF STARS to the 2023 Sundance development lab! So excited. Wish me luck!

so I wrote a Medium post recently about generating ideas rapidly, and it blew up a bit and my old boss saw it and we got invited together to guest zoom lecture a course on marketing and integrated branding for CUNY today which was fun.


Am i gonna have to do an intro post? Is this really our future platform? Why is my fridge completely out of sliced cheese?

I’ve been on Mastodon now for 24 hours and have had no sales or options yet. why am I even here?

since almost everyone is new to Mastodon I can’t judge you by your follower count and then feel a little jealous at your high engagement level.

favorite random movie quote:
“His guts oozed nice like a melted malted.”

recently read an action script that used this exact line as a description and I felt like I found my lost brother.

whelp looks like we're starting from scratch again


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