"Mountains: An Exploration" β›°

A nighttime doodle where I was experimenting with abstraction, the lasso-fill technique, and Medibang Paint Pro (I normally use Clip Studio Paint.) I enjoyed it, even though it was super different from what I normally create.

well, it happened. someone stole my art and is selling it as NFT's. I am disgusted.

also I am a SUPER small-time hobbyist . these people are everywhere. 😑

and a massive thanks to DeviantArt for their Protect service!

City Hall" ✨ πŸ’¦

One of my most favourite spots in #Edmonton, pixel art style.

You can now get stickers, greeting cards, and more with this design on RedBubble!! Link on izjustpixels.art 😊

#pixelart #pixelartist #digitalart

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