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Good morning, tooters💫

Sorry for passing by on public. I'm currently seeking for some new friends to talk to (Selective Followers No Nickname). For the unfamiliar, the name is Irene. If you don't mind with her presence, simply boost this post. 🍀

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Hello Everyone! I'm here trying to make a squad for 99-04 liners! How to join?

1. Reply this toot with your best pictures with your DOB
2. Boost this toot
3. And be active!

Ps: no twins allowed.

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I wanted to mention this because the messages in my notifications suggest the new folks might not be aware of this, but the timing is actually quite relevant: I've been working on Mastodon full-time for 4 years. Mastodon was first revealed to the public in a Show HN post around this time in 2016.

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Mastodon does not store passwords in plain text. This is trivial to confirm as Mastodon is an open-source project. We use the bcrypt algorithm for one-way hashing of passwords. I can't believe someone is spreading misinformation about something so trivial to debunk.

@selfolrp henlo! This Minju is looking for everyone who's willing to be her friends especially IZ*ONE members. 💖

Whoops, it's getting slow and slower.. the overload! Maybe I'll be back later. Ppaippai. 🦊👋🏻

Seems like my follow feature is currently error. I've tapped the follow button on other's profile but my following list didn't increase.. I'll refollow everyone who have followed me later, pinky promise! 🤙🏻 I'm so sorry for the inconvenience. 🤒

Anyway, let's be friend, everyone! I do speak both in English and Bahasa. Worry not, I won't bite. 😳🖤


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