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I haven't yet done an , so here's one!
Hi; I'm your friendly neighbourhood, Jaimie. I like hugs and cuddles, skipping schoolwork to hang out with my friends!

I've brushed my experience pen against every topic you can imagine; I code, make music, procrastinate, (do uni,) and draw digitally!

Oh, and my pronouns have been she/her only for the last two days at the time of writing this, I'm still getting used to everything!

love y'all ❤️ (esp. @Gargron for the whole platform!)

there is a *slim* possibility that i'll get to experiment with in the following months! :0

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i put all my socks in a big deep box, thinking it's a great idea, so this morning i reached into it (not looking), feeling some really weird pair of socks, was like, wtf is this, weird texture, but i want these, they feel comf, until the said pair of socks bite me because it was, of course, the cat

-> sets alarm for 5h30
-> 5h30
-> alarm starts
-> hears alarm music in sleep
-> doesnt actually wake up till 6h25

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We should seriously have ways to quickly & dirtily modify a social media's interaction model w/ the fediverse & remove & add new features w/o having to create a new social media 🤔

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mastodon should really have a reaction feature where you can actually react w/ hearts to wholesome posts

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Kettles really likes to make 💦 go 🔥☁️ and I think that's amazing 😔👌

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i got scared by my own shadow and my embarrassment is showing >/////<

i cant stop editing my bio? there's something wrong w/ me

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Please take a moment right now to let your friends know that you love them.

(My friends, I love you. <3)

will smith writing a book named "will" is the most iconic thing i've heard of

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