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Rant - US Medical Industry 

Guess I'll just have to let this infection worsen over the next couple days until it is a "real" emergency and I have to go to the ER because I can't swallow or I develop a staff infection. Then I guess the MDs can provide an antibiotic? Maybe?

Such BS.

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Rant - US Medical Industry 

How F'd is US Medicine?

I have a broken Molar that is infected. My entire right jaw/neck is swollen and my throat hurts every time I swallow.

None of the Dentists in my area can see me until next Tuesday. I called my MD and because this is a "dental" problem, they can't prescribe antibiotics, even though I clearly have a infection.

Somehow the idea of letting that fester is not a problem.

Dental health is healthcare just as much as anything else.

Not sure what I just watched... Also not sure I dislike it...

Electric Callboy aka Eskimo Callboy - Hypa Hypa


I love meeting people who have chickens and will trade you beautiful eggs for tomato plants! 👍

Pics of Guns 

I might actually rock that 1875 tho...

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"Yo, I'm no scientist, but that looks weird. It must be where we need to go." -Gary Goodspeed

Why is it when I see toots with attachments like this, when clicking them I get a media proxy page that always says Not Found?

Well that was an intense 5-7 minutes of weather!

That rotten tree took out the power line to our shop.

Political/Religious Rant re: Roe v. Wade 

If Roe v. Wade is overturned, I better not ever hear another Christian/conservative crying about "My religious freedoms are being targeted" ever, ever again. Otherwise they are gonna get a smack in the face.

Some of these same people who support overturning Roe v. Wade are are the ones that would bitch about the idea of Sharia Law, which is basically just law based on some other group's Religious beliefs.

Context: I am a reformed Christian...

Yep. 74 degrees but the pool is officially open. Even if it is too cold to stay in for very long....

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