What metal genre are they? Black Metal? Death Metal??

Got in 15,600 steps and just shy of 7 miles today just clearing and cleaning up part of the back yard. Prepping to install a fence.

Think it's time for a beer...

To him, at the time he murdered them, his victims could have just as easily been someone who started a soup kitchen for homeless vets, or who ran a home for battered women. Kyle had no clue "who" his victims where at the time. He is a dumb kid who put himself in a situation he wasn't prepared for. He panicked, and he killed two people. That is all.

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(1/2) I am so sick of this propagandish agenda being used over and over. At the time Kyle Rittenhouse murdered these people, he had no clue of any criminal or other backgrounds of his victims. It's only sheer dumb luck if the victims did have some sort of negative background. Even I'd they did, that wouldn't give him the right to take their lives.

So, it Kenosha gonna burn tonight/this weekend??

If you told me I could only listen to 5 musicians the rest of my life, Billy Joel would make the cut. The other four would require a significant amount of deliberation.....


Dammit I watched this all the time when I was younger. The dubbing is so friggin' funny....


If Kyle Rittenhouse had been a black man; nothing else different, just the color of his skin; we would not be watching a trial right now.

There would not be a trial. Instead, he would have been gunned down and his funeral probably would not have even been televised....

Personally, I think this whole NFT thing is silly. But as long as there are folks out there with more money than they know what to do with, I might as well try and give them something to do with it, right?


We need #FOSS not OSS. We need governments to champion people and communities, not corporations. When you run 'open source' conferences, here's a tip: rather than using Zoom and inviting Microsoft, reject them both and use (wait for it) actual open source software. I'll help you. This is jingoistic bullshit: openirelandnetwork.com/events/ Remember, public corporations and FOSS are fundamentally incompatible because of davelane.nz/megacorps + davelane.nz/proprietary

I guess I've been sleeping on it but that Delta-8 ain't no joke. In a Bible belt state where Marijuana is still illegal we have a legal loophole that apparently allows for this alternate strain of THC that is derived from the hemp plant that can be legally grown here. And let me tell you....it's about as good as any weed I've ever had...

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