Gonna delete this account soon, I guess? Since I feel more comfortable to online on rpverse...

Certain looks of school uniforms were featured by STAYC in the <Our Beloved> segment, apart from showing how popular the uniform look is, we also performed dance covers with popular songs in the same year. From cute, cheerful to cool. Which look do you like the most?


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// Gaya banget mau ikut pindah, posts aja masih 74. 👎

I feel like I've tooted a lot, but my posts is only 68... 🧐

( di sini localsnya mulai sepi ya, aku bandingin di server sebelah. 🤐 )

Fasten your seat belt, and get ready to go on an adventure with STAYC on November 12, because the first teaser of <So Bad> music video has been released on the STAYC and 1TheK Youtube channels.

👇 Tap the link below to watch it.


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Hello Everyone! I'm here trying to make a squad for 99-04 liners! How to join?

1. Reply this toot with your best pictures with your DOB
2. Boost this toot
3. And be active!

Ps: no twins allowed.

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Who wants to be friend with this lonely J? 🤧

// ya ampun iseng bikin toot, tapi ada yang jb. Hahaha gemes.

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