nicely done! Every step count's this way we can do it together. Reducing (plastic) waste and going vegan are also a huge improvements.

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EU: privacy is a fundamental human right

Also EU: we're going to encourage tech companies to automatically & indiscriminately scan all your private messages, chats, and emails for suspicious content

🐦🔗: twitter.com/AlecStapp/status/1

@kirschwipfel Ich habe selbst ein altes surface (ja da läuft Linux drauf) aber was das richtige für einen ist, hängt sehr stark davon ab wofür man es nutzen will. Für Uni und ähnliches ist für mich eine gute Stifteingabe z.B. super wichtig. Sicher auch einen Blick Wert ist das JingPad (Linux) omgubuntu.co.uk/2021/06/jingos und ThinkPads (da laufen viele auch ohne mucken mit Linux)

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The latest update brought #makerspace s to our website. You can now register your (maker)space for people to find and realize there ideas.
Feel free to check it out at openidea.io if you encounter any bugs please let us know :)

@jwildeboer @jens just stumbled about this: botsin.space/@hackaday/1062403
It's not exactly what you where looking for but maybe still an option? (Reverse engineer instead of real opensource code)

@jwildeboer this could make it possible to hit the floor running with your id idea rather than starting from scratch.

Side note: privacy is a real problem in my opinion since everyone could see every id this way.

@jwildeboer I 100% agree. Running infrastructure isn't free however, I believe in paying with money rather than with my data. Of course a model run by volunteers or based on crowdfunding etc. would be a better solutions than paying (not everyone is able to pay for this).
As a start, sponsoring the fees (which at least on ether only occur when changing data not when looking at it) or even taking some money would be "normal" since (sadly) id documents aren't exactly free at the moment. 1/2

@jwildeboer I think it's one of the easiest to implement. Since you can reward people who participate in building with money. You can't however reward them with extra identities. If you look into blockchains with smart contracts, they could provide decentralized identities, but to keep people interested in hosting part of the decentralized chain, it's far easier to build upon a "money" chain IMHO.

@jwildeboer != PoW

Regarding PoW Coins/Chains like Bitcoin, I see the same problems. To doom the whole crypto idea based on the problems of some isn't right if you ask me.

@jwildeboer if you do it right 3 days? They probably do sculpting :D

@jwildeboer do be quite honest, I don't get the similarity. Patents and copyrights protect intellectual property (which has it's ups and downs). A lot of people could profit from both being opened up. Cryptocurrency on the other hand has NO value besides scarcity - therefore the moment you take away the scarcity no one would profit. (I'm talking about cryptocurrency not blockchain in general)

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Check-in mit der #CoronaWarnApp über #NFC!

- QR code in CWA erstellen
- QR code Auslesen und URL kopieren
- URL auf Standard NFC 216 Tag schreiben
- Smartphone an Tag halten
- CWA wird geöffnet mit check-in

Wie cool ist das denn!

@jwildeboer IMHO a decentralized open and trust less system is needed. There are blockchains that provide exactly that, that's why I voted is needed. However, there are probably other solutions, I'm just not sure if its a good idea to search for it or build it if it's already there. I'm by no means an expert in Blockchain but if your interested feel free to contact me for more background of my thoughts.

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@jwildeboer ich bin ja dafür das nur teilnehmen darf, wer geimpft ist!

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