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"Ach ja Jannis, Frieden ist so schön!" - Oma Marta.

Frieden ist nicht selbstverständlich, lasst uns alle für ein gutes Miteinander arbeiten.

car crash, no injuries. 

One of us does not already has crashed a car.

Again, that wasn't me.

Wasn't my fault though.
So the safer driver is probably my little girl :)

Back in 2017 we went to Australia for an internship.
While I helped building our booth at the Royal Adelaide Show,
my Girlfriend was looking for me, when she asked the stuff where she could find me,
they answered "the German guy?".
I't seems my accent is clearly noticeable.

So one thing my Partner does better than me:
Speaking English without a German accent.

just saved my day.
System wasn't starting anymore, a quick restore with Timeshift and everything is back working again!

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