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How often do you hear “speed was not a factor” in a crash? They mean the driver wasn’t exceeding the (probably too high) speed limit. Remember, when it comes to the likelihood that vehicle crashes will occur, & whether the consequences are deadly or not, SPEED IS ALWAYS A FACTOR.

Time to put another euro into the flavours of fingal web page @Fingalcoco @FlavoursFingal

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The National Transport Authority (NTA) was informed last Friday that the operator of Route 129 Newbridge to Kilcullen service would suspend operations from today, the 1st of July.

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Russia is betting that Republicans take over in 2023. They know that Trump ⁦@mattgaetz⁩ ⁦@RepMTG⁩ will cut of funds to Ukraine. Leaving it defenseless.

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Could we get a RT please? This is the last weekend of the latest FM run for @8RadioIreland & it's a chance for Alt Irish and International acts to get played on the radio in the daytime to people who love them! We're live on FM until Sunday night and online 24/7 x

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Heathrow had pilots call in sick today, in a&e we also had high sickness rates.

They cancelled flights. We can’t cancel patients

This is what patient safety is so much more complex than aviation safety.

Please tell me that it's Cork we're saying farewell to and not Elton John.

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To be clear the real heros in this are Kildare South Dublin Local Link, they have put a lot & I MEAN A LOT of work into being able to set something up with such short notice and should absolutely be commended for their work. Without Local Link services like these we would be lost twitter.com/ChrisPenderKE/stat

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Almost two in five LGBTQ+ people have experienced a hate crime in the last 12 months because of their sexual orientation, an exclusive survey by Channel 4 News and @gaytimesuk has found.

Dan and Rob were the victims of a homophobic attack outside a club in 2021.

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Electric Ireland is to raise gas prices by nearly 30% and electricity by over 10% from next month

At Noteworthy, we want to investigate why we are facing an Irish electricity crisis. (Support this project here: 🔗 noteworthy.ie/proposal/irish-e)

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The Safe Pharmacy initiative, being launched today, enables people experiencing domestic abuse and coercive control to receive support in their local pharmacy. The IPU is proud to partner with @SAFEIreland, @gardainfo and @HSELive

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I wanted my baby. My husband and I have tried for years. I got pregnant in august 2021 and then miscarried. My body doesn’t naturally expel so I needed a D&C. I was denied one because my doctor was worried about the laws here in Texas. I waited for 2 WEEKS carrying my loss while

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the perfect political metaphor does not exi—

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