Printed this flag pole mount for my today, including some knobs for the M6 nuts so that I don’t need any tools to erect or dismantle it. Added bonus is that it makes the van look like it’s radio controlled!

(teehee: knob, erect)

Why am I looking at kayaks?! I have enough hobbies…

Who has two thumbs and forgot about this afternoons kids party before promising their daughter a trip to soft play this morning?

this guy

Gonna have a very tired kiddo on my hands in a while 😂

Big work day today can only mean one thing: a nice evening of with my Prestanda NOMAD buddies.

While we’ve got a bit of a break between major events now, we’ll be having a bit of no pressure fun for once. I think we’ll be in the various GT4 races available on iRacing tonight.

As a request to spare the timeline... if someone posts a long #thread and you boost it, please just boost the first part. If people want to read it they can follow from there.

My timeline thanks you for your consideration.

Before you buy that e-book from Amazon, do yourself a favor and see if the publisher has a website with direct sales.

I've found a number of books that I was interested in DRM-free, in EPUB format, and sometimes at a discounted price, just by poking around a little.

This is probably the wrong way to go about things, but I needed a way to make my Mastodon home feed feel a bit more like home early on. Here's how I did it:

@carbontwelve Please add me to 3D Printing, Functional Programming, Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence, Outdoors, Productivity, Programming, Python, Small Business Owners.

Some of my favourite recent additions to the for our short trips. Couple of trips in England so far, Wales next month, Le Mans in June, and then Scotland in the summer.

A rear view with Prestanda NOMAD stickers attached, as well as the best recent pic I had before then. I’ll aim to get a better one tomorrow 👍

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OK , who fancies a good old fashioned “show off your rig” thread to get us going?

Here’s the most recent pics of mine I could find.

Like lots of others, I have no idea what I’m doing on this site yet, but I know that Twitter isn’t the one.

About me: I strive for efficiency to achieve a work life balance that allows me to do the fun stuff. Efficient work is the future. My work happens at Prestanda.

Fun stuff to me is sim racing, running, improving our campervan and most importantly hanging out with my kid.

Excited to see what this platform looks like in the coming months. Would love those early follows :)


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