I am hoping to network and connect with other professional and amateur digitization and archivist technicians, to aid in a project, and to basically have an avenue or group to discuss related topics!

If you are a tech or , know someone in those fields interested in networking or chatting about their work, or are a self-proclaimed or amateur with experience, please feel free to reach out here on Mastodon , or by email: contact [at] nabein {dot} me

In relation to this, I am currently working on a documentation project relating to best practices, recommendations, and otherwise related topics in the field of digitization and preservation of various media formats, so having others provide input would be fantastic!

Since you can only boost a post once, replying seems better to get some more eyes on this. Unfortunately I haven't connected with anyone yet, so I'm sending out the signal for all and professional (s) . I hope to hear from you!

@jasonnab I wrote my own library catalog software. ...I think I might qualify here.

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