Hej, this is my #introduction! My peeve with Mastodon has been that it’s too fast, too short, too Twitter. But still, I acknowledge it’s probably the best we’ve got. I’ve staying at @mikael@mastodon.online, but it started to dawn on me that, to get the most out of Mastodon, I should probably try life outside a generalist instance. Thanks to @neauoire, here I am!

I like building and riding bicycles. I enjoy cooking food and baking bread. I love scouring the web for personal websites. I’ve been building websites 4 fun since -94. Few of these sites and pages ever got published, but after all these years I’m still having a blast with HTML (and CSS).

I used to be a digital imaging technician and freelancing photographer, but these days I’m a full-time employed videographer and media producer. I try to always have a personal photo project going. I’m a sucker for environmental portraits and I’m also inspired by New Topographics, off-street street photography and New Objectivity. I’m a father.

I recently got back into desktop Linux after 15 years of mostly macOS use. I’m now on Manjaro KDE. Replacing my arsenal of proprietary video and photography software is an ongoing battle. I’ve finally come to a point where I prefer darktable over Lightroom for my personal work. For video editing, I’m still very much stuck with Premiere.

I’m in Sweden.


@mikael Tried this free software for RAW images today, the GUI will need some time to get used to, but i found it very useful at first glance. rawtherapee.com/

@jayrope Yeah, it will be great once 5.9 with local adjustments gets released.

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