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The well-known Dutch museum of "Beeld en Geluid" (Sound & Vision) is experimenting with offering of their extensive historic video collection via @peertube

Here's the main museum website:

It is wonderful to see more and more open museums and other institutions explore open technologies such as #Peertube

I birdsided the announcement with a CC to the museum:

@humanetech If you want some information about our Beeld en Geluid PeerTube instance or the project we did around it last year, you can ask me anything (see my Mastodon profile).

I've just updated it to v4 😄

@frank thank you Frank.

I was and am on the whole very excited to see you on #PeerTube and I think I speak for the whole #Fediverse when saying that we are really curious what your plans are with regards to this instance.

Is the project experimental, is it official, do you intend to expand your use and the collection that's hosted?

And maybe also your experience until know so it helps @peertube become even better suited as a video platform of choices for you and other institutions, in future.

@humanetech Personally I've been working as a developer on PeerTube off and on since 2018, so it's a long story from my side.

In short I have played a bit of a "double-Dutch" to get my employer to commit to PeerTube, so it started as a funded experiment (the Extending PeerTube project), but our instance is now official, runs on a company server and will be maintained for the long run. I'll keep trying to promote it's use, but internally at Beeld en Geluid it's me against the big tech advocates

@frank @humanetech As a non-involved human: Waht can be done to strengthen your position against those big tech players?

@frank @humanetech Answering myself: Help create a userbase by subscribing to your profile @openbeelden on

Great videos! Love the historical content archive! All Rotterdam?

@jayrope @humanetech Just enjoy the content, check out the Discover page for some randomized tagged selections and share a video on Mastodon every once a while. I believe this organic growth model will prevail in the long run/tail.

Most of this collection is from Dutch movie theater newsreels. What I learned is that specifically localized content (city, town, village, not just Rotterdam) generates the most views, especially when videos are embedded in local online newspapers.

@frank @humanetech Ah, another big drawback about shared Peertube players is, that they don't support older browsers. One of my macs is on 10.9 (no higher than Firefox 78 possible).

At some point in 2021 Peertube stopped working on shared players with this machine. Surfing Peertube sites directly works, though. That is really useless tuff, that shouldn't be done to users.


Well if the browser don't get security updates anymore from mozilla it's only consequent IMHO.

@frank @humanetech

@the_white_wolf @frank @humanetech

I see that differently. Youtube proves you wrong, too. I need no security udates for a peertube.

This happens, because devs use libraries they don't fully understand and refuse to keep backwards compatibility on top of their list in favor of pushing everything through half-tested, that looks new & cool. This is very unsustainaing & i consider it a hostile approach.

A few software companies such as Cockos (Reaper DAW) understood this and work differently.

@jayrope @the_white_wolf @frank

Tbh, I feel that developers are often blamed for a lot of things they should or should not do while they have a ballooning project under their hands. And they develop on a low budget or completely as volunteer. AFAIU #PeerTube has one dedicated developer that receives funding from Framagit and some active volunteer contributors.

The project has become large and complex in short time, and everyone is clamoring to add this feature or that to it. It's a tough job.

@humanetech @the_white_wolf @frank How can this be helped? donations? I am kind of sure there is a ton of qualified designers who'd help this, if in their free time. I'll try sthg in Greasemonky for a start.

@jayrope @the_white_wolf @frank

> wasn't meaning to disgrace this respectable work

And I was talking in general, and not inferring you were :)

This is a very tough problem that plagues free software development for a long time. I think part of the solution lies in enabling a deeper kind of participation for any person to #FOSS projects. Not only easing the onboarding of people with different skills, but having any fedizen on board, able to inform themself, understand tensions and decisions.

@humanetech @jayrope @the_white_wolf @frank
re devs using libraries for... no good reason?
I just noticed during the #rc3 that the #jitsi client on F-droid is no longer supported on android < version 6. I can't even express in words how bad this feels on so many levels.

Forcing people to acquire new devices creates electronic junk, promotes exploitation of humans and limited physical resources.


@keith @humanetech @the_white_wolf @frank Keith, i sympathize with you, am on Android 6 myself, so i will be next to be dropped.
I want to broaden the case massively:
I've many friends in poorer countries who can't afford technology updates frcing thm nto OS or even hardware updates. They are basically left with what they got without any option to be taken care of later.
Technology development in Western/rich countries, especially , should really keep this in mind and cater to them & us.


The problem that I do not know how to deal with is 3-fold

1st there is #android itself, the main problem - that illegitimate robot spawn of FOSS+capitalism.

2nd are the portable computing devices and the culture of feeling somehow incomplete as humans without them, calling them "phones", with their locked bootloaders, closed propriety chips and firmwares et al.

3rd, as @jayrope alluded to is the complexity and the many layers and frameworks that modern software is based on.

@keith @jayrope

> The problem that I do not know how to deal with is 3-fold

Gradual, bit by bit, and with many people working on many different fronts.

Yea, it is a David vs. Goliath situation, but David won and so can we. As long as there's Progress, however small, there's hope. Without it, there's defeat. So we just grind on, slowly :)

There's progress in each of these 3 areas.

I chat a bit about the situation around Android & updates in this thread
Also link to a posts in another thread with more
tldr- its about the resources available to do a good job of developing and maintaining hard & software. Android has big security & privacy improvements in the last years. Theres only so much app dev resources to put into supporting old Android versions, makes ever less sense as the OS hasnt had security updates for years. @humanetech @jayrope

Many thanks. I tried hard to avoid boosting the entire thread. 🙂

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