Dave Olson's rage on NFTs is a big block of condensed information & opinion. You'll need 2+ hrs. of your lifetime to get in-depth with this, but
it is ABSOLUTELY worth it
and really illustrates, why the stuff got me suspicious from the beginning. This really is mostly about fast, undemocratic, fraudulent profit-making in conjunction with a severe type of game addiction of the people involved.

@jayrope Cool Vid. If you're in a hurry, you can tl;dr the last 7 minutes bits:

this guy gives really great explantions, I _loved_ his Flat earth documentary.

@lutzray I recommend watching the whole. An issue like that deserves to be looked at in depth.
And not on Youtube (tracking users, again) but on Invidous. I am sure you can produce a link there, can you?

@jayrope Ouais.. Sorry to YTfying your post: I tried to get a link from Invidous 'starting at current time' but didn't find one. Those subjects are really important so we can't lose people who don't have 2 hrs to watch the whole doc.

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