Please spare a few bucks to overturn this ridiculous proposal to destroy further the world heritage site Stonehenge in the UK, thank you

Yes, the UK gov wants to spend 2billion putting a tunnel/toad UNDER STONEHENGE! Please sign petition as despite everyone saying they can't they still want to go ahead

Trumpty Dumpty got dumped but isn't coming to terms with it very well!!

I've been waiting for four years to accurately use the phrase - "Trumpty Dumpty had a great fall..." #uspol

@maxwellvolume Colonisation Committee of the Planet of Fintlewoodlewix perhaps?

@maxwellvolume The Allen Telescope Array, a radio telescope used by SETI, has 42 dishes in homage to the Answer.....spooky

@maxwellvolume or perhaps the beginnings of middlepocketroad trypophobia!

Trypophobia, the fear or disgust of closely-packed holes?

Jem is a composer until he is finally decomposed, a somewhat redundant live performer due to bonkers 2020 stuff, a mixing and mastering engineer so that ear buds sound cool, once a theatrical wire rigger always a TWR and a one time scree runner, helloooo


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