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Pagefind seems like a great new option for implementing site search for SSGs. I added it to my Hugo blog in less than an hour. (/ht @BryceWrayTX)

resources:07-27-22 [jenett. wiki.]

A Flowchart for Musicians Working in Europe

> The social-network-internet of today is best understood when you hold in your mind the image of a faceless person scrolling down a screen endlessly for all of eternity, but yet for whom satisfaction never comes.
> // The old internet –…

the i.webthings directory - the other directory worth sharing

Found this article quite relatable…

> I realize that whether people like what I write or hate it has absolutely nothing to do with my worth as a human being. Yet, receiving comments and emails from readers who say they enjoy my website and understand…

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Since there’s a lot of new people trying out Mastodon, something to be cautious about: your DMs can be read by admins of your instance and the instance of the recipient, and when your toots cross an instance boundary, it’s possible for your private toots to get boosted. Some of the privacy guards in place on platforms you’ve used before don’t work the same here.

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