Completely consistent with his other public views. And, as a reminder, lots of “mainstream” Republicans are campaigning with, supporting, and endorsing him.

Doug Mastriano told a radio interviewer in 2019 that women who violated his proposed abortion ban should be charged with murder-

One of the biggest movements in human rights, women's rights & freedom is happening in Iran after the death of Mahsa Amini.

To our Iranian followers & all Iranian women - we stand with you. Use encrypted email for free:


Oh huh, ProPublica is doing the Lord's work with some basic "so it's been a few years since civics class, here's what you forgot" articles. Also useful if you're a non-USian wondering how the heck stuff works over here.

Tallahassee-based immigration attorney Elizabeth Ricci explains there's a "good faith argument" to be made that luring the migrants onto planes with the promise of jobs makes them crime victims. And that means they could automatically qualify for a visa, she said.

"An enticement like that, regardless of whether you sign a waiver, is fraud and that is part of the definition of human trafficking," Ricci explains. "I think that everybody on those planes has a case to legalize as a direct result of being transported by the governor."

"It would be so ironic for these families to ultimately legalize and become citizens as a result of his actions."

And these potential new citizens will remember who lied and tricked them, who cast them out. I hope this backfires on Republicans spectacularly.

Flying migrants to Massachusetts was political, critics say. But was it legal?

people complaining about kids having it easier absolutely boggle my mind. if we aren't trying to make life better for the new generation what the fuck are we doing

Oops that's a big surprise (no) : #Twitter asked you for your phone number supposedly to secure your account, but in fact they sold it to advertisers to make money. Combined with your email address, of course. For 6 years (until September 2019). Don't trust #BigTech on #Privacy 🌬️

Remember there will be a meteor shower TODAY May 30th, 2022 (peak: 1am [Tuesday] east coast, 10pm [Monday] west coast).

While nobody is sure how many meteors there will be (and It’s entirely possible that there’s nothing at all), there’s also a small chance it will be a once in a generation meteor storm event.

Observing conditions are good, it’s new Moon so it will be dark; essential for meteor showers.

If you can, at all, don’t miss this!

Late afternoon stroll with my pups at Crystal Bridges Museum of Art in Bentonville, AR.

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