I finished configuring my new #System76 Thelio Mira last night. I have a couple more podcast related accessory upgrades on the way but I got the machine work ready for today. After a solid day on my new workstation, I am entirely satisfied. Performs exactly as expected: lightning fast from Typescript to Rust and whisper quiet even with all dozen cores cranking. Even that proprietary chat app I have to use for my $dayjob doesn't seem to bother it.

I need to bootstrap this account, who are the coolest and folks in the mastodon multiverse?

It has been a while since the last Redox OS release, so let me explain. I wrote an operating system where the (micro)kernel, drivers, services, and applications are mostly written in Rust. Even the C library is written in Rust - check it out!

Are you ready for way too many Pop!_OS, Redox OS, Rust, and System76 posts?


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