leftist who wants to keep car-dependent infrastructure because they like watching road rage videos on youtube

Δ‰u vi iam pensas ke tooti en esperanto pli bonas ol la angla

right-handed people be like haha i can turn my key in the door without it being annoying
yeah fuck you and your right-handed privileged ass smh

Seriously, why is there such a giant overlap between left-leaning trans people and train nerds? Out of all the obsessions we could have collectively given upon us it's trains for some reason. Makes you thonk.

my parents but every time i talk about a trans friend of mine and they get confused they get faster

americans when they realize airplanes are public transport

"haha bro im 6'2" "dude 5'11 men be like lmao" shut the FUCK up i do not speak CRINGE UNITS and also stop caring about your height

*solemm voice* then i do pronounce you husband and wife guy

petition to add πŸ˜΅β€πŸ’« (face with spiral eyes) to the bottom emoji gang

a man presented to the emergency room, dead, saying -emia means presence in blood. this gave them all the information they needed to know

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