I’m actually quite interested in trying out the new version of SteamOS that comes with the SteamDeck on my HTPC when it comes out. I’ve been using a minimal version of Manjaro that launches into Kodi which then allows me to launch games from my Lutris library. It’s a good system but not perfect. I’m looking for a more integrated (console like) solution, so I’ll probably be switching to SteamOS or ChimaeraOS in a few months time.


I’ve not really been much of a gamer for a few years but I like to play a few of the classics every now and again. When we get to the point where PS3 emulation becomes reliable, that will do me nicely and I won’t need anything more after that.

Having said that, when I get to that point, I’ll probably start looking at these retro handheld devices. I would like to get one now, but it just seems as though in a generation or two, there’ll be several key systems that will be able to be played reliably.

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