Woke a second time. Late, but still enough time to go into the post I was writing at 03:00. (That's 3 AM in American)

Interesting mindset: re-reading to myself slow, and out loud. Feeling how the sentence sounds makes me enjoy the proofreading process.

This brings me to ask you a question:

What is your proofreading process? Do you just shove your text into a spellchecker and hope for the best, or is there something more involved?

#writing #grammar #blog #publishing


@jrss Sometimes I’ll run it through a text to speech tool and listen for any mistakes. I find it much easier to catch them this way.

@jrss when I’m at work I normally use the one that’s built into word. Maybe I should look into Emacspeak, but it looks to be much more than what I need it for

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