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Just been informed that Mr P is going to be in our ears again tomorrow and I cannot bloody ruddy wait. From the Oasthouse is perhaps my favourite entry in the AP universe, so I’m made up

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BBC commentary of Kim Jong Il's funeral procession laid over footage of Queen Elizabeth's. Fits like a glove 😱

@robby I love it when this happens. Go to sleep again. It’s basically two night’s sleep for the price of one

My brother did his first triathlon *and* climbed Snowdon yesterday. I’m proud of him, but it puts into perspective how lazy I am.

@dajb I used to have notifications on for my football scores app. It was always faster than the dodgy streams I was watching and it ruined many a game

@robin a few years ago, I realised it was taking me a lot longer to tell the time on an analogue clock. I’d slowly be losing the skill. I’ve worn an analogue watch ever since

@Luke @andyc I wouldn’t worry too much. Brighton are such a well-run club that I’m sure they have multiple contingency plans. Perhaps your challenge for the champions league places will be over, but I doubt you’ll be in any serious trouble.

@Luke do you mostly credit potter with Brighton’s recent success? Or Ashworth?

How much do you think them both leaving will effect you?


@andyc @Luke looks like Chelsea might be paying Potter’s release clause. £16m! That must be a record for a manager.

0-0 against the redshite, but what a performance from the blues

I have read another three Chinese books since this last post and I'm very happy with my progress. My speeds were 237, 182, and 240 characters per minute respectively. I even reached 300 earlier this week, which was my goal for the end of the year.

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@Luke I searched for him on YouTube and ended up watching videos of his beef with Ty from AFTV. I like him now and I didn’t even watch him kick a ball

@Luke fair enough. We love a shithouse. Richarlison has definitely been missed in that regard

@Luke what’s the deal with Maupay? Is he just not signing a new contract?

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