@jrss when I’m at work I normally use the one that’s built into word. Maybe I should look into Emacspeak, but it looks to be much more than what I need it for

@jrss Sometimes I’ll run it through a text to speech tool and listen for any mistakes. I find it much easier to catch them this way.

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Kape Technologies buys #ExpressVPN for $936 mln.

Many #VPN providers and that only in a few hands and apart, these services are marketed as snaikoil and are in my eyes merely a part of a #honeypot infrastructure to see where what data flows through. They are simply #bottlenecks that guarantee you nothing except that your IP is disguised and thus, for example, #geoblocking can be circumvented.

#security #privacy #itsecurity #itsec


@rd it’s normal to find it scary, but it’s very brave of you to go ahead with it. I hope the operation goes smoothly and you can recover quickly.

@ilyess actually I probably worded it wrong. You add it as an account in “browse” mode. Go to the account settings, click add, type the url, then click browse.

You have to log back into your own account if you want to engage with anything though, which is less than ideal. I’m just following a few instances that I already follow a lot of people on. I normally only check it once a week or so.

@ilyess also, when looking at a few instances’ About pages, I noticed some hostility towards the Gargron run instances. There weren’t many but it was enough to notice.
The reasons that I chose this instance initially were that I thought it had a large, but not too large community and it being run by the lead developer of mastodon.
Now I’m not sure if those are good reasons. It’s not a bad instance, and I’d be happy staying here, but I also think moving could lead to a better experience.

@ilyess I spend most my time on the home timeline too. I transferred all my followings over from my previous account.
A while ago, I realised that Metatext lets you follow an instance’s home feed from the accounts page, and as most of the accounts I follow are spread over a few instances, I decided to add their instances in “browse” mode. There was a lot less spam and a lot of what people were talking about was stuff that I’m interested in.

@ilyess I find the local feed to be pretty rubbish lately. I’m having to mute accounts daily just to find interesting posts. I think the insurance is also too big and poorly moderated. I know the moderation teams on other instances better than on here.

I’ve been thinking of switching instances recently. Do you believe that you’ve found your “forever instance”?

@scully libro.fm is probably your best bet. You can buy drm free copies of audiobooks or make a subscription and get one free every month

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I need to accept the fact that i can't do everything(RE:Hobbies/free times) and just pick a few things to do...that way i actually have time to do/enjoy said things instead of trying to get into too many things and having no time for any

@thumb I’ve started using a physical notebook again lately after a few years digital only. These eink note taking devices might be a good middle ground, but I’m in no desperate need for it.

I still think I’ll wait for the

I really need to come up with a better way of transferring files and text between my Linux laptop and my iPhone. Currently, I send a message to a throwaway XMPP account and the message is synced across both devices.

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Just found out @thelinuxEXP had their YouTube channel deleted by Google. Not the first time a creator of wonderful content has had this happen to them. Nick makes such great content, hope it gets resolved. He's been so supportive of TILvids for a long time, please spread the word to support him, and check him out on #tilvids if you want to catch his great content while it's not available on YouTube!



I’m more concerned with the players that we failed to shift than the players we failed to bring in. It really highlights the damage that’s been done to the club by reckless spending over the last five or so years.

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