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At the start of the year, I set myself the goal of reading 24 books in 2021. This morning, with one third of the year remaining, I hit that goal.
The first few months were a bit slow, but since April, there has only been one month in which I didn’t read four books.
You could probably count on one hand the number of books I finished in the last three years, so I’m really happy with the progress I’ve made this year

@wex I don’t know why people accepted it in the first place. For me, that alone is reason enough not to buy their phone.

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@rd I mirrored across a few football accounts. As much as I love it here on mastodon, I know that I’d miss all the football updates if I didn’t have them

@joeligj12 @koreymoffett there’s a Doom Neovim now too. I’m a happy Doom Emacs user, but I think I’ll try it out at some point.

@rd I’ll be deleting mine very soon too. I slowly whittled down my following list and followed a few accounts on here.

My wife told me that she wants to get a video baby monitor. I said “This sounds like a job for Raspberry Pi Man”

They weren’t my exact words. I only thought of them later. And my wife would think I’m crazy if I said that.

Anyway, she agreed to let me try building my own solution first. I’m thinking I’ll go for a pi zero and an off the shelf webcam. Does anyone have any advice or experience with similar projects?

@liaizon @exquisitecorp I'm really interested to see how much of my normal web browsing can be done with a text based browser. Maybe I’ll set myself a challenge to last a week or something

@waimus basically every animal has its own collective noun. My favourites are “a murder of crows” and “a caravan of camels”

@exquisitecorp I just downloaded Violoncello. It looks like a great little tool. Thanks for bringing it to my attention

Having said that, when I get to that point, I’ll probably start looking at these retro handheld devices. I would like to get one now, but it just seems as though in a generation or two, there’ll be several key systems that will be able to be played reliably.

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I’ve not really been much of a gamer for a few years but I like to play a few of the classics every now and again. When we get to the point where PS3 emulation becomes reliable, that will do me nicely and I won’t need anything more after that.

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I’m actually quite interested in trying out the new version of SteamOS that comes with the SteamDeck on my HTPC when it comes out. I’ve been using a minimal version of Manjaro that launches into Kodi which then allows me to launch games from my Lutris library. It’s a good system but not perfect. I’m looking for a more integrated (console like) solution, so I’ll probably be switching to SteamOS or ChimaeraOS in a few months time.

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"... the dream became reality when she finally completed her perfect note-taking system comprised of #Zettelkasten-styled interlinked #markdown files stored in #Orgmode format with two-way conversion on the fly with syncronization across devices through a #p2p network with #E2E-encryption..."
#PIM 😆

I’ve seen a lot of people sharing clips of Sean from Cats does Countdown, which are hilarious. However, it was his standup that made me fall in love with his brand of comedy all those years ago.

The ULTIMATE Guide To Sean Lock's STAND UP | Universal Comedy - Invidious

I’m heartbroken to hear that my favourite comedian of all time, Sean Lock, passed away today. I must have spent countless hours watching him perform and he helped me through some difficult times.
I would like to share some clips so my friends here who aren’t familiar with his work can enjoy his comedy, but it’s too difficult to choose what to share. I’ll be watching some highlights of his tonight and will be thinking about him and I will share some tomorrow. I’m fine with my kindle for now. I’ve wanted to move for a while to something with native support for ePub files and that I don’t feel like I have to leave in airplane mode all the time.

I think this will be less work than the Pinephone, at least for my use cases, but I’m still expecting it to be at least a year or two before it’s fully ready.

I was seriously considering buying a boox device. Now I’ll just wait for the PineNote

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