@gumball karena orang-orang nya friendly? i also improve my english skills tehee.

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❤️ You don't have to say sorry for posting in the public timeline😘 If you just don't send many posts within a few seconds it's all okay! :toot: :mastodon_oops:

@danieel aw thankyou oppa! tell me about the song? i wrote my own rap lyrics! 🥺

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Watched Got That Boom M/V for the first time and I can't lie, @jinny looks so good there! :ablobcatheart:

Thumbs up for SECRET NUMBER! 🤙

@yangzi different people has different opinion i guess, we are only pay for the server cuz thats not free. pay money for rp is familiar even that a lot on twitter isn't it?

@jenni let's schedule it! hangout it sound great instead have a same outfit ㅋㅋㅋ

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@jinny thank you, bubby! It's been awhile not seeing you face to face, kinda miss it. Let's hangout sometimes when both of us having a free time 💘

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