Hi everybody! We're looking for people to broadcast with us. Are you a DJ, radio host, musician, artist or somebody else creative with something in either live or prerecorded audio and/or video format? We need you!

We broadcast on Fridays and Saturdays and are looking to start booking people in either for a one-off or for a regular spot.

It's completely free ofc, and we would be happy to help advertise and promote the work of those that broadcast with us.

Email for more info (on profile).

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@jnktn_tv I'm not any such artist myself, I can recommend some audio shows?

@alcinnz thanks for the message! If the producers of these audio shows want a slot on our platform, they are more than welcome, so if you know of any that might be interested then please let them know of us.

Alternatively, if they are happy for us to use their content, and we can advertise where we get the content from, then we would be love to host that also.

Depends on what kind of content they have and if they themselves are happy being involved.

@jnktn_tv I maintain my list at

If there's any from that page you're interested in I could figure out how to contact them for you if you want.

Hint: stick to the more square links. The rectangles represent videos.

@alcinnz I've had a listen to a few of the shows that you list, and they seem great. I think it would be quite nice to have an audio-based drama that people can tune into each week, although I think we're still too small at the moment.

I've fav'd your site with the list and can contact you in the future when we get to a point where I think it'd fit, and we can go form there.

Thank you so much for the suggestion!

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