OK, back to work! Hope everyone is doing well. A very happy new year to everyone out there!

We're still deciding when we'll return this month, but we already have a good amount of folk interested in having a slot when we do, which is fantastic.

Also, we will only be broadcasting on Saturdays for the foreseeable. This is to make the project more managable for those that help make it happen. We of course aim to expand this, though need more folk on board to make this possible.


We will make sure to fit as much in each Saturday as possible, so as to keep with our mission of entertaining and engaging the Fediverse and beyond as best we can.

If you'd have something creative you'd like to broadcast with us, don't hesitate to get in contact. Although we've been heavily music-oriented thus far, we'd love to host anything creative.

There's been talk of a cooking show, as well as other great ideas, so don't be scared to chat with us!

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