Other than no broadcast this Saturday, there's something else we/I need to announce.

This project is run by just myself, and due to moving residence soon to a property with much slower internet connection options, I will need to rejig the Jnktn infrastructure to keep the project going.

This, mixed with the usual stresses of moving property and the time needed to do so means that will be taking a break. Our last broadcast will be Saturday 3rd April before said break.


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Now, how long will this break be? To be honest, I can't say for sure. Other than the whole moving process, due to being a one-man band I also feel that I need a break in order to reclaim my weekend somewhat.

Don't get me wrong, is A LOT of fun, and week on week we are only getting more popular, which is really encouraging. Despite only being live once a week, is still a lot of work for one person though, and this is not something I have a whole lot of experience in.


Now that we have a great collection of shows to pick from each week (& growing) thanks to all you lovely people, what we need now is help on the production and organisational front so that we can keep doing what we're doing - having fun and involving as many as we can.

So, what I'm going to do is try my best to find the help I believe we need to keep this thing going. I'm sure this is something people would like to be involved with, so I just need to find them.


If you yourself are interested in getting involved or helping out in some way, please get in contact. Also, I am VERY open to your ideas and suggestions if you have any. Our email is on our profile. I have a real belief in this project!

With everything said, I'll aim for to return on 1st May after our break. This may very well move, so check in with us now and again to find out when we have a solid return date.

Thanks to our Mastodon family (an beyond) for the support thus far!


@jnktn_tv I've been low-key thinking about something I might be able to contribute to Jnktn at some point.

Assuming you'd be open to other stuff, like episodic fiction, in addition to music content?

@fortifieduniverse Great! Yep, very open to that to help break up the music-oriented shows we've had so far. Give me a shout when you want to go about organising something.

As per the announcement, we'll be on a break after 3rd April to maybe 1st May (might change).

@jnktn_tv Awesome!

Yep... I saw your announcement. I'll start giving it some thought, and I'll plan to connect with you after you're back from break.

Good luck with the move!

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